We look at things differently…

At Challenger Designs, our ability to visualize in new or unusual ways is our greatest achievement. We believe creativity is truly about discovering details that others miss and developing the perfect artistic mix to bring them to life.

We are in good company!

What separates Annie Liebovitz or Ansel Adams from the family photographer at the local mall? What makes Frank Lloyd Wright one of the most inspirational architects of our time? Creativity – the ability to see things differently than the masses. And like those unique individuals who have set themselves apart from the crowd, Challenger Designs has developed a reputation for providing outstanding creativity and originality by delivering the unexpected.

With 30 years of experience in the world of print and graphic design, Challenger Designs has the expertise to manage all levels of design projects, from a simple brochure to full-scale print production; from development of a brand identity to a comprehensive marketing campaign. And, as a small studio, we have the privilege of collaborating with an extremely creative and talented pool of artisans – including photographers, copywriters, web designers and video producers. We develop close relationships with our clients, providing the personal attention that is often overlooked with larger, design firms.

Our passion is turning the ordinary into the extraordinary.
Challenger Designs